– Sleep control

Sleep Control after X amounts of messages, time delay between the messages

– WhatApp account blocking

This is Anti Block Module, use multi text messages to reduce chance of blocking

– WhatsApp Groups Contacts Grabber

You can use this function to grab the all existing WhatsApp number of the group

– WhatsApp Numbers Generator

You can generate WhatApp number using limit functions. You can enter any number like 9899123001 (Start) and 9899123100 (End), you will get all existing WhatsApp number between this range.

– Message limitation

No, there is no any limitation, sending unlimited multimedia messages like Text, Photos, Videos , Documents

– Report

You will get consolidated campaign report after completion of the process

– Control time delay

Easy to control time delay between the messages

– Save campaign

Save your campaigns with name and open again as required

– Contact list

Easy to import contacts list from excel csv and text files, you can easily import recipients contact number from excel (CSV) and Txt files

– System requirement

  • This is a windows desktop application , not working on MAC, LINUX or Android
  • This tool is test on Windows 7/8/10
  • This tool allows you to communicate with recipients that expect receive your messages (Eg. Clients , students , patients , etc..), and it’s NOT A SPAM TOOL
  • This application require Microsoft .net framework 4.6 or greater,

– Message type

Easy to send text messages with attachment and caption is also available in the tool, send text, image video, document with caption

– Multi instance

Multi Instance is available in the tool, you can send from multiple WhatsApp accounts